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27 - 28 November 2022: Jin Gang Chang Shou Gong Taoist practice.

Workshop of Internal Practices which reviewed nuanced aspects of the Jin Gang Chang Shou Gong Taoist practice.

Seminar consisted of two parts:

1.Diamond Strength practice Jin Gang Gong (“8 external exercises”)

2. Longevity practice Chang Shou Gong (“8 internal exercises”)

These two parts belong to one unified practice which aims at body strengthening and revitalization . One practice complements another. Each part reflects its own peculiarities: first part works through the body focusing on “prenatal” /precelestial (or acquired) structures. Second part fosters opening of “postnatal”/ “postcelestial” (congenital) qualities. Besides, master Zhang Zhishun stated that “8 internal exercises” are a gate to the practice of Daoist meditation.